FRIENDS OF PALESTINE For Better representation

Friends of Palestine network is a Non-Profit Organization registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia

FoP NETWORK mission is to provide better representation and showing support to the Palestinian cause via network of social influencers

A network of friends that are active and working for the sake of Palestine of all races and ethnicities

What is FOP?

  1. A Network that gathers all friends of Palestine.
  2. Platform to exchange creative ideas to support Palestine.
  3. Platform that provides guidance and support for those interested to share ideas for Palestine.
  4. A creative work team for Palestine.
what we offer

Our Area of Interest

We are working towards our goals based on our several areas of Interest


To connect with all society’s individuals and institutions


To mobilize support for Palestine cause


To raise awareness on the Palestinian issue


To become a pool of resources for Palestine cause

Few Reasons Why You Should join Us

  1. Because having more friends will develop and evolve Palestine international presence. There is no interactive network that connect friends of Palestine together.
  2. Friends of Palestine enjoy a distinct culture and identity that join them together for one cause.
  3. Friends of Palestine enjoy a distinct culture and identity that join them together for one cause.

For better Representation

our strategy

Main Principles

Creating an effective network of active society members contributing to platform goals

Arranging and participating in the activities and programs consistent with the network goals

Creating and leading the Media work activities by all channel available in this sector

Reaching civilized and elite classes of the Malaysian community making them active towards the network goals

Building an interactive relationships network

Enabling the FoP NETWORK to be effective for Palestine

Who is a Friend?

  1. Each person who believe that Palestine cause is just and humanitarian.
  2. A person who has the will to support the cause with his skills and rule in society.
  3. Each person who has creative ideas for Palestine and is looking for guidance and support to make it real.
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